How much do ticket(s) cost?

Tickets are from $16.50 Family combos are from $22.00 You can refer to the pricing page for more information

Does it cost to park?

There are three hours free parking spots available in the shopping centre

Are these vendors with food available?

Yes, there will be food vendors at the event.

Are tickets available at the door or online only?

Tickets are available both at the door and online

Can I refund my ticket(s)?

Ticket can be refunded if customer didn’t enter the playground. Ticket is NOT refundable once customer entered the playground

Can I reuse my ticket(s)?

No, tickets can only be used once only.

Do you accept eftpos/credit cards?

Yes, but there will be a 2% surcharge for all card payments.

Can we leave and come back on the same day?

No, the tickets are for one time entry only.

How long does the event take to go through?

The event will open from 21st June to 11st July 2021. 7 days a week.